Venus Freeze has turned into one of my most favourite things to do to start off my week! Iv'e had several treatments now, I think bout 7 up till last Wednesday. It's the most positive, relaxing experience in terms of non invasive treatment at a skin clinic before. I walked out if the treatment room and looked in the mirror and said wow my face is looking better each team I come here! I notice the difference after every treatment! Thanks again Iryna, see you Wednesday!

Julie Czernicki, April 28, 2013, Guelph

"I haven't worn short sleeves or even a dress for 2 years now because I was embarrassed by my creepy, flabby arms and the cellulite on my legs. Venus Freeze and Iryna Slavna, Owner/Operator of Skin Boutique changed everything! I've had a 75%+ improvement in the look and feel of my upper arms as well as the cellulite in my thighs! Iryna has such an incredible passion for service and results. I was hopeful but skeptical that anything could help me. She did a fantastic job of educating me on how the technology works. When I was hesitant, she encouraged me to shop around. After I did, I almost ran back to Skin Boutique and Iryna. Her service, commitment and passion are absolutely incredible! Ive purchased the Venus 10 Treatment package for $1000!! This life changing machine is costing me $100 per week. Husbands money well spent. Venus truly speaks for itself, I feel like I need to preach these benefits to everyone I see :)

Zofia Alfar, April 25, 2013, Oakville

I feel like a spoiled princess laying in bed watching the tv in your treatment room hehehe . After 5 treatments your service only gets better and I love the time we spend together. I'm so excited to see the before and after photos when I'm done all 10 treatment. The new eye treatment I'm also doing makes me look incredible and looks like I've sleep for years. Before I had blotchy purple loose skin and now my eyes look like Ive been sleeping for years straight. I hope everyone takes advantage of you promo this month for the extra baggage eye treatments. Thank you so much Iryna. See you next week.

Beata Przytula, April 25, 2013, Guelph

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