Dr. Irina Yelenbaugen, MD – Medical Aesthetic Director

Skin Boutique was cofounded and supervised by Dr. Irina Yelenbaugen, a family physician practicing in Toronto, Canada. Skin Boutique is inspired by her “in the trenches” experience testing skin care treatments and procedures worldwide. Drawing on her medical credentials, personal pitfalls and the motivation from her partner Iryna Slavna, Skin Boutique was born to provide informed, competent and affordable skin care backed by research and clinical science. As Medical Aesthetic Director, Dr. Yelenbaugen will supervise treatments, approve recommendations and spearhead all research and education initiatives.

Dr. Yelenbaugen graduated from the St. Petersburg Medical Institute, completed her residency and internship at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and received her Medical General Practice license in 1986. She attends medical conferences and trade shows on Skin Care and Dermatology worldwide. Dr. Irina Yelenbaugen conducts monthly seminars on treatments for sun damage, wrinkles, rosacea and acne.


Iryna Slavna – Clinic Director, Senior Treatment Consultant

If Dr. Yelenbaugen is the heart and soul of Skin Boutique, Iryna Slavna is what makes it work. What Iryna lacks in medical degrees she more than makes up for in her business acumen and experience running a busy medical clinic. As a cofounder of Skin Boutique Iryna works side by side with Dr. Yelenbaugen and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the clinic including one-on-one consultations with clients. Iryna has expertise in laser treatments, dermal fillers and skin care and attends medical conferences, training seminars and trade shows worldwide with Dr. Yelenbaugen.