Photo Rejuvenation

Many patients wish there was a safe, easy and quick way to get rid of their red complexion, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and large pores. Fortunately, advanced Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology enables us to treat these skin imperfections safely and effectively. With early intervention and new anti-aging techniques most people can prevent aging and maintain youthful skin and facial appearance.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation was designed to combat the effects of aging and damaged skin in a softer, gentler way than traditional ways of skin resurfacing, such as lasers and peels. IPL energy is delivered at specific settings for each treatment to maximize results and  stimulate the production of collagen. As the new collagen forms, it softens the appearance  of aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased and the redness associated with  rosacea can be dramatically reduced by 80 to 90 percent in several treatments. Photo facials work best in conjunction with a regular skin care routine that is recommended to  you by our medical aesthetic director or treatment consultant.


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