Hair Loss Treatment

Regen Plasma commonly known as a revolutionary, all natural treatment that de-ages a person’s skin, which literally makes your skin younger and healthier. Regen Plasma has several aesthetic uses such as non-surgical face lifts, and hair loss (alopecia). 

This treatment is non-invasive, revitalizes and regenerates dermis cells, stops hair loss and regrows hair.

Alopecia typically known as male pattern baldness, occurs in men and women and can present with thinning hair, receding hair line and bald spots. Regen Plasma is a great alternative to treatment for those who do not want to take the risk of surgical options which can cause infection and scarring. 

RegenPlasma uses PRP, platlet-rich-plasma found in everyone’s blood. The process begins after a consultation and you are found to be a great candidate. Afterwards, a small amount of blood is drawn, put into a centrifuge for 5-8 minutes, which separates the PRP from the rest of your blood and is re-injected into the balding or thinning area. It takes on average 3 sessions to stop hair loss and begin the hair regrowth process.

At Skin Boutique we will help you to develop individual hair loss treatment program for you. Let’s start with a free consultation with a specialist!