Brown Spots Treatment

Brown spots (also called sun spots, liver spots, age spots or freckles) are a form of hyperpigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, acne or other skin disease. All of these conditions can be effectively treated with our Palomar® StarLux IPL system.

With many patented innovations, Palomar®’s LuxG and LuxY hand-pieces can deliver optimally filtered wavelengths of pulsed light to safely and effectively clear brown spots. The specific band of light targets the melanin converting light into heat. The heat loosens the skin and the dark spot sheds away, revealing fresher, healthier skin. Clinical studies have shown that brown spots treatment with Palomar® StarLux IPL system handpieces can achieve results as good as or better than the brown spots treatment performed by single-application “gold standard” lasers, in addition to its superior comfort and no downtime.

Other treatment options may include topical anti-aging or bleaching creams, as well as chemical peels.

Types of Brown Spots, Prevention and Treatment Options